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British School at Rome

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British School at Rome

The British School at Rome is a research institution located in Rome, Italy that offers opportunities for scholars and artists to pursue their research and creative projects in the city. The school provides a unique environment for study and research, allowing scholars and artists to engage with the rich cultural heritage of Rome and Italy while also providing access to the British academic community in Rome.

The school offers a range of residential and non-residential fellowships for scholars and artists, which provide funding and accommodation for periods of research and study. These fellowships are open to applicants from a wide range of disciplines, including archaeology, architecture, art history, literature, and more. In addition, the school also offers a range of events, lectures, and exhibitions throughout the year, which provide opportunities for scholars and artists to engage with their peers and the wider academic community.

The British School at Rome is also home to a large community of resident scholars and artists, who provide a supportive and collaborative environment for those in residence. The school’s facilities include a library, study rooms, and a range of other resources that are available to residents and visitors. The school also has a large garden and terrace, which provides a peaceful and scenic setting for study and research.

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