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California College of the Arts

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California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts (CCA) is a private, non-profit art and design college located in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1907, CCA is one of the oldest and most prestigious art and design schools in the United States. The college offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fine art, architecture, design, and writing.

CCA’s undergraduate programs include fine arts, architecture, design, writing, and interdisciplinary studies. The fine arts program offers majors in disciplines such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics. The design program offers majors in disciplines such as graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, and interior design. The architecture program is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and offers a Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) degree.

The graduate programs at CCA include Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Fine Arts, Master of Architecture (MArch), and Master of Industrial Design (MID). The MFA program is a two-year program that offers students the opportunity to work with a diverse group of artists and designers from around the world, while the MArch and MID programs are three-year programs that are designed to prepare students for professional practice.

CCA has a diverse student population with students from all over the world. The school has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and encourages students to explore different disciplines and areas of study. The faculty is made up of accomplished artists, designers, and educators. CCA is a great option for students who are looking for a challenging, interdisciplinary, and innovative education in art and design.

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