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Estonian Academy of Arts

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Estonian Academy of Arts

The Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) is one of the premier art schools in Estonia. It is located in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. The Academy offers undergraduate and graduate programs in fine arts, design, architecture, media, and conservation. The programs are taught in Estonian and English, and aim to provide students with a comprehensive education in their chosen field, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as professional artists and designers.

EKA is recognized for its innovative and dynamic curriculum, which encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation. The Academy has a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning, which enables students to develop their skills and apply them to real-world projects. The faculty is made up of leading professionals in their respective fields, who provide students with the guidance and support they need to reach their full potential.

The school also boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped studios, workshops, and computer labs. The campus is located in the heart of Tallinn, providing students with easy access to the city’s vibrant cultural scene. The school also hosts a number of exhibitions, lectures and events throughout the year, providing students with opportunities to showcase their work and engage with the wider artistic community.

Overall, the Estonian Academy of Arts is a great choice for students who want to pursue their passion for art, design, and creativity in an inspiring and challenging environment. With its strong academic programs, outstanding faculty, and world-class facilities, the Academy is well-equipped to help students achieve their goals and build a successful career in the creative industries.

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