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Florence Academy of Art

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Florence Academy of Art

The Florence Academy of Art is a private fine art school located in Florence, Italy. Founded in 1991 by American artist Richard Schmid and his wife Nancy, the school offers a traditional, atelier-style education in drawing, painting, and sculpture. The curriculum is based on the 19th century French Academy system and focuses on the study of the human figure, still life, and landscape. Students at the academy work from live models and study the work of the old masters, with the goal of developing a solid foundation in the skills and techniques necessary to create realistic and skillful works of art.

The academy offers a variety of programs, including full-time study, summer sessions, and workshops. The full-time program is a two-year course of study, with the option to continue on for a third year to complete a diploma. The summer sessions offer intensive study in a particular medium or subject, such as portrait painting or sculpture, and are open to students of all levels. The workshops are open to anyone interested in learning more about traditional art techniques, with options for both beginners and advanced students.

The Florence Academy of Art is known for its rigorous and challenging curriculum and its highly skilled and experienced faculty. The small class sizes and individualized attention from the instructors allows for a very personal and intensive educational experience. The school is also located in the heart of Florence, one of the most historically and culturally significant cities in the world, providing students with a unique and inspiring environment in which to study and create art. The combination of the traditional curriculum and the location in the heart of Florence make the Florence Academy of Art an excellent choice for anyone looking to study fine art in a traditional, immersive, and challenging environment.


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