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Hanlim Multi Art School

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Hanlim Multi Art School

Hanlim Multi Art School is an arts high school located in Songpa District in Seoul, South Korea. It is known as one of the schools attended by current and future members of the South Korean entertainment industry, alongside the School of Performing Arts Seoul and Lila Art High School. Due to the fame of some of their students, the school is sometimes the subject of the press, especially during graduation ceremonies.

Hanlim is the nation’s first higher public art school teaching popular culture. Unlike traditional art schools, students can learn performance, practical music and dance, music, modeling, and film-making. It was set up in 2009 and accredited by the Higher Education Council.

Departments of Hanlim Multi Art School

  • Broadcasting & Entertainment Department
  • Musical Theatre Department
  • Practical Dance Department
  • Applied Music Department
  • Fashion Model Department
  • Film Making Department


Hanlim Multi Art School Alumni

The list of Hanlim Multi Art School alumni includes Taemin, Krystal Jung, Ji-hun Lee, Park Ji Min, and Nam Tae-hyun among many others.

School Information

Hanlim Multi Art School is a specialized high school that focuses on the arts, specifically in the areas of music, dance, theater, and fine arts. It is one of the most well-respected and prestigious arts high schools in South Korea, and is known for its rigorous curriculum and high-quality education. Many students who attend Hanlim go on to pursue careers in the arts or attend prestigious universities in South Korea and abroad. As a specialized school, the admission process is quite competitive, and only the most talented and dedicated students are accepted.


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