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National Screen Institute

The National Screen Institute (NSI) is a Canadian organization based in Winnipeg, Manitoba that offers training and resources for emerging filmmakers and television professionals. The NSI provides a range of programs and services, including workshops, masterclasses, mentoring, and networking opportunities, to help aspiring filmmakers and television professionals develop their skills and advance their careers.

One of the key programs offered by the NSI is the NSI Totally Television course, which is a comprehensive training program for writers, producers, and directors who are interested in creating content for television. This program covers all aspects of television production, from development and writing to directing and post-production.

NSI also offers the NSI Online Short Dramatic Film Course, which is a hands-on training program designed to help emerging filmmakers develop the skills they need to create high-quality short films. This program covers all aspects of filmmaking, including writing, directing, cinematography, and post-production.

In addition to its training programs, the NSI also provides resources and support for its alumni, helping them to establish connections in the industry and find opportunities to showcase their work. The NSI has a network of industry professionals as well as a alumni that has gone on to have successful careers in the film and television industry.

Overall, the National Screen Institute provides valuable resources and opportunities for emerging filmmakers and television professionals looking to develop their skills and advance their careers.


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