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Pernby School of Painting

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Pernby School of Painting

Pernbys målarskola (Pernby School of Painting) is a two-year independent art school with a focus on painting and drawing. The goal of the school is to offer a comprehensive art education as a foundation for further advanced art studies or independent artist careers. All teaching is conducted in swedish.

Pernby is a small school with a total of 25 students divided into two grades. This allows for a close dialogue between students and teachers. In other words, there is ample time for continuous in-depth discussions on the work of each individual student whether dealing with model painting or independent work.

The first year centres primarily on model drawing and painting, but students will also have the opportunity to work freely and develop their own ideas. The second year places an intensive focus on the students’ individual work. The teachers are all active, professional artists, and teach one day a week. The teaching therefore consists of a broad variation of artistic ideas and approaches. The school offers seminars on drawing and material usage as well as recurring lectures on art history and art theory. During the course of the school year various artists are invited to partake as guest teachers and lecturers. Second year students have their own studios in the same building and work primarily with their own individual work, but also have the option to engage in model studies if they so choose. Typical of the second year, is the wide variation of work methods among the students. Although painting is the dominating medium, many students choose to work with sculpture, installations and video.

The Pernby School of Painting is located in attractive and functional studios in the heart of Stockholm, The school premises are exclusively for the needs of the students länk: Lokaler]. We encourage the students to spend as much time at the school as possible beyond the ordinary school hours. Provided the minimum attendance requirements are met, each student will have full access to the school premises on evenings and weekends. Because we lack a proper workshop, the possibility to work with sculptural work (plaster, metal etc.) is limited.

Studies at the Pernby School of Painting are demanding. The high level of freedom calls for self-discipline, resilience and commitment. Our experience tells us that a substantial individual effort is needed on the part of the student to make proper use of the time spent at Pernby.

All teaching and lectures is conducted in Swedish. Upper secondary school qualifications in Swedish are mandatory for students from outside the Nordic countries.

The school is subsidised by the state and is under the supervision of The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education.


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