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The Royal Opera Academy

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The Royal Opera Academy

The Royal Opera Academy, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a prestigious institution that offers advanced training and education in the field of opera. The academy is affiliated with the Royal Danish Theatre, which is home to both the Royal Danish Opera and the Royal Danish Ballet. This allows students at the academy to receive hands-on training and experience by participating in productions and working alongside professional opera singers, conductors, and stage directors.

The curriculum at the academy is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in all aspects of opera, including vocal technique, acting, music theory, and stagecraft. The program is highly intensive, with students participating in regular rehearsals and performances, as well as masterclasses and workshops with visiting artists.

In addition to traditional opera training, the academy also places a strong emphasis on contemporary opera, as well as other forms of music theatre, such as musicals, and offers a variety of cross-disciplinary opportunities.

The program is highly selective, with only a small number of students accepted each year, making it an ideal choice for highly motivated and talented individuals who are committed to pursuing a career in opera. Graduates of the Royal Opera Academy have gone on to successful careers as opera singers, conductors, and stage directors, and the academy is considered one of the top institutions of its kind in Europe.

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